Robyn Petersen

About Robyn

Born 7 January 2004

Robyn is the daughter of entrepreneurial and musical parents, Danny and Antoinette Petersen. She is the sister to musical prodigy Daniel III Petersen and much loved cousin, niece and grand-daughter of the talented Petersen family of Cape Town, South Africa.
Robyn is the original triple threat – in her case quadruple threat – as she sings, dances, acts and models.

She first started modeling at age 2 and has banners and posters up for famous brands in the UK, Europe and USA. She is a star performer and is therefore a favourite with top brand houses.
Robyn has danced and sang since she was a toddler. She now sings lead vocals for her brother at his concerts and events both in South Africa, Africa and abroad. Her repertoire includes jazz standards, modern jazz, R&B, the latest hits and gospel.
Robyn is a truly gifted dancer and excels at Modern, Contemporary and Hip hop. She has an eye for choreography and therefore easily delivers whatever the genre requires.

A disciplined perfectionist she also writes her own music and develops her own choreography.
She has always loved the stage and is a natural actress…this is one of her most favourite activities.
Robyn travels with her family as part of her family’s Foundation to minister around the world.
She is homeschooled and has keen interests in the Natural Sciences as well Arts and Culture.